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Bianca Bourgeois 

  • Reigns supreme as a professional tie / bowtie-er

  • Has never met a cookie she didn’t like.

  • Accepted into the Olympic Development Program to play soccer at age 10.

  • Worked with Annie Leibovitz and Rolling Stone Magazine.

  • Plays electric guitar with her teeth.

  • Raps in her sleep.

  • The B in Bam.



Anne-Michele Mallory 

  • Loves french fries. She'll eat any variety of french fry at any time of the day or night. Chili cheese fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries. We get it. She loves french fries.

  • Collects vintage cameras.

  • Enjoys shooting high-end fashion

  • Actually likes going to IKEA

  • Was a top ranked tuba player in the state of Colorado.

  • Worked with top fashion / beauty photographer, Sarah Silver in NYC.

  • The AM in bAM.