What is your philosophy?

There is something deeply magical and humbling about the human experience of finding your forever person. Love should be raw, honest and fearless, and so should your photographs.   

How would you describe your style?

Our style is photojournalistic and editorial.  We do personal documentary photography and that translates to our Wedding photography style.  We love telling stories and candid shots are our jam!!!  Most people don't love having their picture taken.  We get it.  Good thing we are photo ninjas!  Our quiet and unobtrusive approach helps everyone relax and allows us to capture real moments.  

Should I have two lead photographers?

Wedding Photography is a team sport!  Even small Weddings and Elopements can benefit greatly from having two photographers present.  This approach gives us greater flexibility during the day and will result in a lot more variety in the final images.  We are both lead photographers (as opposed to a lead photographer and an assistant). Working together has allowed us to develop our own unique rhythm and style, which in turn helps us capture all those important moments.  However, we offer coverage options with one photographer, for intimate Weddings and Elopements with 100 guests or less. Food for thought: If you both want getting ready photos, you will need two photographers.    

Are you formally trained in photography?

Absolutely! We both have BA degrees in photography from a rigorous commercial art school.  Not to mention, we are total photo nerds!  This background, along with our combined 20+ years of photography experience, allows us to consistently deliver high quality images to our clients. 

Do you shoot film or digital?

We mainly shoot digital for its reliability.  However...we are total film nerds and almost always bring at least one film camera with us.  If it turns out, then the film scans will be our gift to you.  

How do we receive our images? 

We will send you a private online viewing gallery. You can share the gallery link with anyone you want!  

How many images do we get?

The number of final images varies, but is typically 50-80 per hour of coverage.  We believe in quality over quantity and lovingly edit each image individually.    

Do you travel?

Yes!  We are passport ready and love to travel.  We love the energy of NYC, but are just as excited to go replenish our soul juice elsewhere.  

Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel outside the 5 NYC boroughs includes a travel fee.  Local travel up to 3 hours outside of NYC will include a flat fee of $250.  Travel more than 3 hours from NYC will include a flat fee of $250 and local hotel accommodations for at least one night.  If airfare and hotel accommodations are needed, those costs will be added to the final invoice and will be arranged by BAM Wedding Photography.  

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes!  We carry standard business liability insurance.  We are happy to list your venue as an additional insured.  

What will our investment be?

We understand that planning a Wedding is complicated. So, we try to keep our part as simple as possible. We ask that all prospective clients participate in an initial phone call or in-person meeting, during which we are happy to answer all your questions and provide a detailed and accurate price quote.  Here is some general guidance so you can decide if we are potentially the right fit for you:

- Wedding Day Coverage

  • With 1 Lead Photographer - starts at $3,000 for 6 hours of coverage.

  • With 2 Lead Photographers - starts at $3,600 for 6 hours of coverage.

  • Please inquire for pricing if you are planning an intimate wedding or elopement.

- City Hall Ceremonies

  • $800: City Hall coverage only (up to 2 hours at City Hall).

  • $1200: City Hall coverage (up to 2 hours at City Hall) with a portrait session either before or after the ceremony.

- Engagement sessions are $800 as a stand-alone option or $600 with a booked Wedding.

- Pricing includes editing of all final images, and a private, online viewing gallery.

*Pricing is subject to change at any time.

**Weddings booked more than 14 months in advance, will include an additional 15% service fee.  

Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Definitely!  We realize they aren't everyone's jam, so it's an à la carte option.  We personally adore doing them.  It gives us all a chance to get to know each other and work out all those pre-wedding-photography-jitters. Whether you need the photos for something specific (like a save-the-date card), or you just want some awesome pictures for the heck of it, we think it's a pretty cool time in your lives and worth capturing.  Let's get creative!  We love non-traditional sessions like: in-home sessions, night photography or just doing something you love doing together.  We crave real moments!

Do you offer video?

We don't offer it in-house.  But we have great relationships with a bunch of rad videographers and are happy to send you some recommendations.  

Are you wiling to meet in-person or over video chat?

Absolutely!  We love email as much as the next person, but much prefer real, live connections with people.  So, reach out and let's make it happen!  

How do we book our Wedding with you?

Once we confirm availability, all we need is a signed contract and a 50% retainer fee.  The balance is due one month before your Wedding day.  We take cash, check or credit card payments.    

Why should we choose BAM Wedding Photography?

WE WILL SHOOT THE SHIT OUTTA YOUR WEDDING!  Really!!!  We take the honor of photographing your Wedding very seriously, because once the music ends, the cake is eaten, and the dress carefully stored away, what remains are your photographs.  

We welcome any and all questions!  If you have a question(s) we didn't answer here, please don't hesitate to reach out.